Rudolf the swimmer

I started swimming back in 1996, down at Mermaid Beach or so, on the Australian Gold Coast (Queensland).

There where simply always pools on the premises i stayed at, and Aussies love swimming.

Later on, while i stayed in Chilliwack, BC and later in Victoria, BC i also was living in buildings that had their common indoor swimming pool.

Back then swimming was mean’t to be a side kick exercise to all the crazy long hours on the pc.

Once i got to Lethbridge, AB and started participating in the “Fitness Swimmer Program” somewhere back in 2002 or 2004 or even later in 2006, i began to swim longer distances, and with that came the need to learn how to sustain my energy, be stroke efficient and – oh well that comes a bit later, in any case, my personal record distance of swimming in a single month stays at 93km’s, and as a pretty bad slow swimmer how does all sorts of normal and crazy styles just to avoid endless repetition of the same movements.

Finally finally in 2009 / 2010 i came across this rather interesting website for swimming tips,

So, here comes the learning stuff in, reduce drag, roll your shoulders, grab the water, maximize your propulsion, while staying relaxed – oh boy, and breathing is also recommended by the doctor, a bit a lot to learn, but when i saw swim club kids half my size zoom by me i figured i better try to improve, so i look like i know what i am doing, and can do it easily.

Long way to go, but i am getting there….
Goal-achieved_ 555700-m-on-Sept-20!

And than there was more …

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