Rudolf the Thinker

Some people are guided well through their lives by instinct.

Some others need a brain to help them make the best of whatever they where born with.

I myself do indeed not trust my instinct alone, i prefer to research, think and with that get some sort of proof or facts that may back up my instincts.

When it came to understanding why something happens in my life and where or with whom i found there is no other system explaining it to me than Astrology.

Of course, i am not talking about “Your Daily Horoscope” as can be found in your local newspaper.

Also not about “Starsign” Astrology that can be found in book stores for intellectually less advanced people who just like something entertaining to read.

I mean my very own Astrology, scientific Astrology, for which i claim 100% scientific accuracy.

It not only tells me what quality of time i am going through but much more importantly what quality of time is ahead for myself individually as well as the world at large.

My Future Forecast for the general world as a whole can be checked upon here:

If you wish to check out my very own Astrology Book click this link:

With this knowledge base i can offer Astrological Advice to people who really need or want to know the essentials of their Personality in Time AND at any particular place in the world!

What does this mean, “any particular place around the world”??

An old website of mine can give you a glimpse of that

More about my astrological knowledge, it’s use for you and my astrological advice services can be found here

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