Rudolf the Explorer

rud in the park, Lethbridge 2010

So you thought there are no more frontiers out there??

Well, we may know almost every spot on this planet, all is mapped, photographed, gridded and even commercially exploited in any possible way one can think of, polar bears make someone money too….

The one frontier most don’t even know about is called the Elements.

Not those on the periodic table, not those used in connection with strong weather situations, the basic elements everything is created of!

Sounds mysterious??

Check it out and you may be amazed, but you may as well just ask yourself a couple of new questions. Either way is fine with me – as long as it inspires you to think about it

(sorry, these are relatively old web pages of mine, not the greatest design, and here and there a pesky ad, but you get the necessary information on the actually 6 (six) basic elements all and everything is created from.

This is still a new scientific discovery allthough i made it already back in 1989 on the Turkish side of the Mediterranean Island of Cyprus.

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