Rudolf the Creator

Yes, it’s true, it sounds almost like i would be a god, the Creator, but don’t worry, i won’t go into religion here, it’s a metaphor for people who create whatever. Women create children, men create art, structures, nests, double[…]

Rudolf the Thinker

Some people are guided well through their lives by instinct. Some others need a brain to help them make the best of whatever they where born with. I myself do indeed not trust my instinct alone, i prefer to research,[…]

Rudolf the swimmer

I started swimming back in 1996, down at Mermaid Beach or so, on the Australian Gold Coast (Queensland). There where simply always pools on the premises i stayed at, and Aussies love swimming. Later on, while i stayed in Chilliwack,[…]

rud in the park, Lethbridge 2010

Rudolf the Explorer

This is still a new scientific discovery all though i made it already back in 1989 on the Turkish side of the Mediterranean Island of Cyprus