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Information regarding pricing & contents of my Astrology Book “The big System” now out for sale at

You may find the price for my scientific astrology book surprisingly high. (a considerably cheaper eBook version in the common epub file format is in progress …)

I did intend it to be this way for several reasons.

  • The exclusive content mentioned
    in the left side panel has given myself a distinct advantage over other
    professional Astrologers for years, once they start using my innovations
    and knowledge i will lose this advantage for good.
  • More than 10 years of pretty
    intense and worldwide research are contained in this book.
  • You, the possible buyer, will
    most likely be one of a few, i do not expect this to become a best seller
    but rather remain an exclusivity – hence there is no big financial reward
    in it for me, not even at this price range.

Please also note that Astrologer
Rudolf Megert’s native language is not English (but rather Swiss
German), meaning you will probably find a few sentences worded a bit odd
for reading in common English.

In 2 versions,  Standard paper, Bookstore-quality casewrap hardcover binding, Full Color Printing in and out, 221 pages, 8½ by 11 inches, or 20.955cm x 27.31cm

or the cheaper version,  Paperback, 221 pages, normal US letter size, (8½ by 11 inches or 215.9 mm × 279.4 mm)

The above preview is limited.
For a full scope overview of “The Big System, complete collection of knowledge for professional scientific Astrology” please see these two links:


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