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Presseroo Services Portfolio

Here is my current portfolio of WordPress Applications rendered either to customers or just worked out for my own experience:

WP tuts, draft or save?

Many beginners try and end up with trouble – and an unfinished page or post. Wordpress by default makes any saved post or page public, and, of course, nothing is as embarrassing as having some crappy looking beginners page or[…]


Insert images, WordPress tutorial

Probably the most difficult part for any WordPress beginner is to figure out the few tricks and twists to insert images into their WordPress posts or pages. Here are the things to pay attention to: Lets start with the various[…]

Rudolf the Creator

Yes, it’s true, it sounds almost like i would be a god, the Creator, but don’t worry, i won’t go into religion here, it’s a metaphor for people who create whatever. Women create children, men create art, structures, nests, double[…]

Rudolf the Thinker

Some people are guided well through their lives by instinct. Some others need a brain to help them make the best of whatever they where born with. I myself do indeed not trust my instinct alone, i prefer to research,[…]

Rudolf the swimmer

I started swimming back in 1996, down at Mermaid Beach or so, on the Australian Gold Coast (Queensland). There where simply always pools on the premises i stayed at, and Aussies love swimming. Later on, while i stayed in Chilliwack,[…]

rud in the park, Lethbridge 2010

Rudolf the Explorer

This is still a new scientific discovery all though i made it already back in 1989 on the Turkish side of the Mediterranean Island of Cyprus