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I started out as a painting artist (additional artwork info site) using mostly acrylic paint on sometimes rather large variable surfaces or creating small pencil drawings on paper ...
... then turned to finding out - in advance - when and where (globally speaking) the muse will kiss me, by means of SCIENTIFIC Astrology, studies and own research results (side results) combined into a unique world leading astrological knowledge base ... buy THE astrology book ... and as a result of both i started to explore the planet in search of "paradise" (never found the forever version, but a couple of temporary or complicated versions thereof, still looking for the perfect spot) - and learned how to forecast the quality of time (annual future outlook) ...
... to somewhere in between of all the above also venture into creating music ...
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Schwimmen Sie mal wieder Developing A Better Feel For The Water.
... and eventually shift my focus to computers, the internet and all the challenges and creative potential this new media begun to offer.
Creating internet graphics, business logos, letter heads, business cards, complete websites from scratch writing my own HTML or now also CSS (in basically any langauge, but mainly in English or German), editing templated CMS or Blog systems like my Presseroo Wordpress applications services.

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